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Wellness asset

Turning vision into reality

With over 20 years’ experience in the wellness industry and international luxury hospitality, WELLNESS ASSET is a trusted partner to bring your project on the success path.



Decrypt and Debrief

I decrypt for you the industry news, and feel the trends. Way of communicating, newest treatments, utilization of group buying sites contribute to the necessity of regular updates and continuous learning. No need to waste your time, I help leaders to keep track on the spa world, selecting the relevant news that could help their business.
As a partner, I advice and challenge your perception, with constant eye focus on the business face in 5-10 years time.

Analyze and Animate

Evaluating your performance, your business plan, and your service. My objective is to shake, agitate, and find the best solution for the company. Not for the shareholders or GM, not for employees or clients, but for the company as a whole. Do you keep a good therapist utilization? How efficient are your marketing actions? What training plan do you have? How do you rate your clientele satisfaction? What are your stats saying about your business?


Imagine and Implement

Cost cutting, Guest journey relooking, financial planning, sales strategy, CRM, HR optimization…

My role in a company implies not only to set up but to create. Not only to explain but to initiate. Not only to apply but to invent.

WELLNESS ASSET helps investors and management team on project management for a creation, a renovation or a repositioning of spa facilities. For a creation, its role is to act as an operator during the concept definition and construction phases, in order to ensure an efficient operation from opening. Interaction with architects and owners, suppliers coordination, technical expertise are needed services.


WELLNESS ASSET also proposes to beginner entrepreneurs in the hospitality and F&B fields, to offer support during the creation phase, rating the investment needed and creating their business plan.


WELLNESS ASSET develops a new kind of outside sport and leisure parks, mixing OCR (Obstacles Courses Race) with team building challenges, ideal concept to attract different markets over the season. Our clients are essentially, touristic destination, castles, camping or resorts.


WELLNESS ASSET implements high ROI concept. We create Spa Suite spaces in private homes, to raise extra revenues from the house. We define the design and the equipment and organize the communication & sales plan.